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Tips for Flipping a House

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What's a House Worth? - To start with, it sure doesn't have much to do with how much you have spent buying it or improving it - at least not in any direct way. People sometimes do $30,000 "improvements" that add just $20,000 in value to a property. Other times a smart $4,000 improvement can...

Real Estate for Sale by Owner - An Opportunity? - The sign reads, "Real Estate For Sale By Owner!" For some investors, seeing this is like finding treasure. This is partly because these properties are not in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings that make up the usual inventory of properties found online or through real estate agents. In other words, they are harder to find. In fact, if the seller isn't ...

HUD House Foreclosures - Many people get excited by the idea of buying HUD house foreclosures, thinking that they are going to get a house worth $140,000 for $90,000. Guess again. HUD homes are supposed to sell at market value, and in most markets...

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Real Estate Profits - You'll find a n nice collection of pages on investing in real estate here: http://www.everywaytomakemoney.com/real-estate-profits.html

This Month's Tips

Consider Holding Costs - Remember the cost of time. You are paying taxes, insurance, interest and utilities for every day you have a property. Consider these holding costs when working on a fixer-upper. For example, if your holding costs are $250 per week, it might not make sense to wait several weeks in order to get that "bargain" painter to work on your house.

Use That Investing Club - Get creative with your real estate investor's club. If you don't already have an "I have/I need" routine, start one. This is a time when every member announces what they have or what they need. You never know what profitable connections might be made. For example, a member could have good cupboards coming out of an upscale remodel that are usable for your fixer upper, saving you the cost of new ones.

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More tips for fixing a house and flipping real estate are added regularly. Check back here or subscribe to the free Fix And Flip Real Estate Investing Course for the latest information.

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